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Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 week wait

Well, I found what little patience I had and waited 2 weeks before posted on my blog again. I am MORE than happy to announce that baby #2 is sticking in there!!!! To say that I'm baffled and blown away would be the world's biggest understatement. Here are a couple facts as to why I'm baffled:
- Less than %5 chance of conceiving on our own
- Period ended on day 3 and I ovulated on day 5
- Didn't do the baby dance until after I ovulated and Ovacue monitor said I was low fertility.

Those are the first 3 that I could think of. Just baffling. But at the same time and just so happy :) I never imagined I'd be boosting that I was pregnant let alone pregnant for the 2nd time. Amazing!

Just because I'm a nervous Nelly I decided to go ahead and have an early ultrasound done. I just had to see a little baby in there to know this really was happening. So my midwife sent me to an OB that does ultrasounds for her clients.
We got there early like how they asked and then we proceeded to wait for 1 & 1/2 hours. Only 1 other person was called back in the time frame. So by the time we got called back my nerves were almost shot, I was starving and had to pee super bad. The nurse was kind enough but when she asked a question she'd proceed to give me multiple choice answers instead of just letting me tell her the answer. She'd ask me what the date of my last period was and then when I'd start answering she'd start throwing out all kinds of dates like I was only allowed to pick one. Can you tell I was irritated? haha. The hard part is that I have to go off of my ovulation date instead of my last period because I ovulated less than 2 days after my period. So I'm trying to tell the nurse that. I go into detail and then I realize that I'm so used to talking IF and testing everything that most "normal" women have no idea what I'm talking about. So after my huge explanation she looks at me and says, "So you don't know when your last period was?". GRRRRRRRR. Please keep in mind that I was being exceedingly patient and calm. I explain again how and why we'll be using my ovulation date and I even tell her when I'm due. Needless to say she still didn't listen and went ahead and put my ovulation date down as my period. So instead of being due December 16th I'm now due December 30th in their records.
I get disrobed and sit my naked bum on the exam table with that stupid paper table cloth that never cooperates. haha. Doctor finally comes in almost a half hour later. He was nice enough but from the get go he wasn't listening to me. Like when he inserted the wand baby came up instantly on the monitor. I get all choked up and keep asking, "Is that baby?" He didn't answer and finally I had to look at him and touch his arm and ask again before he'd answer. So now I've got tears just streaming down my cheeks :) My little baby that I was never supposed to have is really in there and dancing around happily. He turned on the sound and time froze. That little heart was just pump, pump, pumping! 176 bpm!

So the doctor does the measuring and evaluating. He begins to tell me how my midwife & I have my due date wrong. He says that I'm due Dec 25th instead of Dec 30th. I tell him how I'm really due Dec 16th and I let him know about my ovulation day and why we're using that date instead. He told me ovulation monitors aren't reliable so I probably have it wrong. My due date is Xmas, end of story. Hmmmmm. At this point I was still floating on cloud 9 so I didn't put up too much of a fuss. He had that 'I'm a doctor, I know more' hat on and I don't handle that well. Last time a doctor did that I told them off and went home and had my baby, haha. This doctor even pulled out the wheel thingy and tried showing me when I was due, totally throwing out my ovulation day. I have a very hard time when people don't listen :)
I looked at my husband who just gave me the look like "Monica, just let it go", thanked the doc and got a pic of my baby. I was pretty upset about that due date stuff. You know your pregnant when you obsess over stuff like that ;) I emailed my midwife and she told me know to worry about it. We'd get it all figured out. And that is why I LOVE having a midwife!!
Here is baby #2 happy in the womb. Yolk sac is still helping baby out.

So I'm still walking on air and happy as can be. I did go ahead and make an appointment for another early ultrasound due to the due date mix up. The doctor suggested it because, "Since you miscarried before we can still lost the pregnancy in the 8th, 9th and 10th week of pregnancy". Yeah, he said that to me. I was pretty upset about the due date stuff but there's nothing to worry about. What matters is that baby is in there and doing fine and my midwife and I will get it all straightened out. I only see this doctor for the few ultrasounds I'll get and nothing else. Phew!

I need to sign off now and get my day rolling but thanks for letting me share. I'm beyond thrilled!

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