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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

20 week u/s pics

I'm still here and pregnant

I decided to take a few months off from my blog. It does feel good to type again!!

In 2 days I'll be 30 weeks along! I wake up every morning and think I'm still dreaming, I can't believe that we're going to have a baby! Pregnancy has had it's up and downs and sometimes I don't feel the best but I'll take anything my baby wants to hand out.

At our 20 week u/s we did find out what gender we're having. We decided to keep it a secret and so far we've only told our neighbors who we look at as our adopted grandparents. Other than them NO ONE knows what our little head of cabbage is. It was hard to keep it quiet at first but no it's second nature. I do plan on announcing the baby's gender at my baby shower. My Mom is going to be thrilled!!

Pregnancy has been an amazing journey. I look at how far I've made it and I'm so darn proud of myself! I was scared to death to feel the baby move or see the movements from the outside. As I sit and type this my laptop is hopping all over from being kicked by LO. I couldn't imagine going a day without feeling LO kick, punch and twirl all day long. LO has been very active since the get go, almost like he/she knew I had a huge fear and they were going to help me get over it quickly. The ladies at my doctors office beg to do the doppler since LO kicks it right off the bat and then puts on a show for them. I've already got a show off!

As D day nears reality slowly sets in. I like to set some time aside each week to just imagine me holding my own baby. It was such a dream and slowly my brain is accepting it as a reality.
I've gotten a great jump start on the nursery and I was able to get out Memorial day weekend and found loads of baby clothes perfect for us. I did my first load of baby clothes wash last week, that was a very neat feeling. Sitting on the couch folding and sorting onesie's almost had me in tears and grinning like a fool. This really is happening!!!
I've begun cooking and freezing meals for our homecoming with LO. I've got plans for 14 meals so we'll be covered in case someone stays for dinner and we can save money by avoiding buying take out. Eating a healthy meal is also good for healing. It feels good to be preparing, makes me feel confident and prepared. Next I will be slowly going thru my lists and purchasing things on my "to do" lists. You never know when baby is going to make his/her appearance so I figure better safe than sorry.

I'll be posting frequently now so I hope others can join me and offer support and wisdom. Thanks for reading!