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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A wonderful surprise

I decided I couldn't wait the 2 weeks until our "whats next" appt so I called my RE to get DH's SA results. A month or two ago it was 7ml. Now I've got him on Tribulus and he's been off of Androgel for 2 weeks. Well his count is all the way up to 24ml!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see how excited I am? hehe
This does bring a very welcomed ray of sunshine onto our journey. Now I don't know where we will begin but at the moment I could care less because we've accomplished the impossible......raised a sperm count!!! So bring it on ovulation, I dare you :)
However I'm at day 18 and haven't ovulated yet. I did take a round of Clomid this month for a test my RE wanted done. Through my research I did find out that many women do ovulate later with Clomid. I usually ovulate between days 13-16 so it'll be interesting to see what happens this month.
I'm just in a nice place now with our wonderful news. I'll relish this for a while.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The beginning

This is my first attempt blogging so I'm nervous and naive in the way of blogs :) With the support of fellow blogger rkenen I was able to figure out how/where to start. So I begin my blog with the intention of stress release and the hope of gaining support....I throw my self into blogsphere :)
DH and I have been ttc for 2 years. About 5 months ago we finally decided to seek professional help. After many tests we found out we were dealing with a low sperm count, MFI. I felt a bit helpless after that. If it had been a problem with me I would have researched the heck out of it, tackled it, put a bow on it and ended the problem :) But to hear it was my DH's little swimmers, well that just threw me for a loop. It's hard to deal with a problem that isn't in someone else's body.
DH went to my acupuncturist and started taking a supplement called Tribulus. We were able to bring his testosterone up to the Normal level, first time it's ever been that high. He just recently has a 2nd SA so I'm very excited to hear if there are any improvements.
Out "whats next" RE appt is May 11th, feels like years away. At our first appt, March 29th, we were told that IVF would probably be our only option. That was one of the few times I've been struck speechless. I don't know anyone that's ever been through IVF so I thought it was just a futuristic procedure that no one ever does, I was very wrong.
However, this whole experience has created a tighter bond between us. As crappy as the situation is, I know that this will make us value our future even more. When our baby does finally show up, we'll be about as a prepared as parents can be :)
Thanks to everyone that let me spout my feelings. I know this wasn't a great first blog but my DH is out of town for the whole week and I miss him already :)